Hosting & Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solutions can allow you to replace your company's traditional onsite servers so that you can utilize the power of cloud computing. Our services include a range of cloud products beyond just standard cloud servers that are designed in a way to increase business productivity, reliability, and security, all while saving money. 

Cloud Servers

Get rid of the hassle and expense that comes with purchasing and maintaining traditional onsite servers for your company. Our cloud servers are fully managed and maintained virtual servers that are delivered to your organization through the internet. Cloud servers are more flexible and affordable than your traditional servers, have the required processing power needed to run vital business applications, and can be easily upgraded as your business grows.

Hosted Exchange Email

Hosted Exchange provides your organization with the collaboration tools needed to exchange data remotely. Give your employees access to their contacts, emails, calendars, and tasks from any device with internet access anytime and anywhere. Hosted Exchange email is also more affordable, secure, and much more reliable than traditional e-mail services.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Keeping your organization's data and information secure and backed up is vital to business operations. However, if an IT system failure occurs, your organization may be at risk of losing important data. In the event of a disaster such as a flood or fire, your onsite backup solution may be physically damaged along with the rest of your IT systems; thus putting your data at risk. Our cloud backup servers are located remotely, and are always readily available when needed. 

Cloud Files

Our cloud storage services provide for an inexpensive, secure, & highly reliable file storage system that is accessible on all your devices with an internet connection. Cloud storage allows you to retrieve any amount of data at any time, from anywhere on the web.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft collaboration and communication tools designed to help you succeed. Our team offers Microsoft Office 365 as cloud services fully hosted in world-class data centers from Microsoft.